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Lipton is a British brand of tea, owned by Unilever. Lipton was also a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom before it was sold to Argyll Foods, to allow the company to focus solely on tea. The company is named after its founder Thomas Lipton.

It is quite strange how Brits detest the Lipton tea even though it originates from the Uk. An anonymous person left this somewhat hilarious review, "I went to a very posh restaurant in Georgetown, Grand Cayman back in the late 90s, back when I used to live in Britain still and knew nothing of Lipton Tea. After the very nice meal, I asked the waiter for some tea and he said no, sorry, he couldn’t. I was a little confused, obviously - Maybe “We don’t have any tea, Sir” but not “no, sorry”. He explained that they had tea, but it was Lipton’s tea and if he served it to me, I would send it back and complain about how disgusting it was, so they simply didn’t serve tea to Brits at the restaurant by policy. I was fascinated and I talked him into putting me a teabag into a cup, adding some boiling water and bringing it and some milk. Sure enough, it was one of the most vile abominations I have ever had in a cup (and somebody once served me Bovril with milk!) - I would have sent it back and complained, even my natural inclination never to complain wouldn’t have gotten in the way of that. It was like an alcoholic sloth drowned in its own piss, and slowly rotted away and they decided to make a drink out of it.


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Tanıtım hostesi (Former Employee) says

"iş yeri ve iş verenler gayet sempatik ve iyiler. öğle yemekleri ücretsiz, müşteriler sıcakkanlıücretsiz öğle yemeyibig chef müdürü pek sıcakkanlı ve ılımlı bir bey değildi"

Sales Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It was just not an experience I wanted, lets just say it wasn't for me. I would not want to badmouth my former employers in any way so I'll just leave it at, "it wasn't for me"Free lunchesLong hours"

Leasing Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The Best Part of my job was provided a place for prospects to live.I'm not really found of bugging numerous times to come live at my community. They could compensate their employees a little more.Management is micro-managed"

Demonstradora de vendas (Former Employee) says

"Amo meu trabalho com o público,cada cliente é um aprendizado,o ambiente do trabalho é em suoermercados ,ambiente agradavél,Não vejo parte dificil.A parte mais agradavel é lidar com o publico.Não ematraso de salário e ajuda de custo"

Subway Sandwich Artist (Former Employee) says

"i loved getting up everyday to go to work here it made me happy. but when coworkers come against others and change the schedules and not notify people they know dont come in for a few days your going to have miss understandings."

James Latham says

"I like Lipton tea but the company has changed, ie cheapened, the packaging. I think they also changed the bags as we now frequently get tea leaves in the drink."

Arnaud Diaz says

"the lipton tea is bad, bad taste and the glue on it can ruin the herb sack. i dont need lipton, rather get a organic product. with no glue."

JohnCurry says

"All of your sodas are full of sugar can't even taste the actualy taste of it.."

DenisKG says

"I participated in Lipton IceTea promotion register codes printed under the caps of bottles to win a Galxy phone or collect more codes and receive a guaranteed prize (flip-flops and towels). I collected codes for 2 towels and I've been calling hotline for 4 weeks and aswer was the same - no prizes. As I found out later they were giving away towels. Only one day and they ended right after they started! Lots of customers including me had come there and just left disappointed and feeling scammed! I know that prizes were limited and there was a limitation in rules like 2 items for one phone number. But I saw myself people taking 10-20 items per one person. I don't think that anyone could drink ~400 bottles. I described this entire situation to local office and they promised to check everything and tell me. I waited for a week for their answer, but didn't get even an apology. So, I contacted the head office. After a MONTH of waiting I wrote them again and TWO weeks later they finally answered, asking to describe the situation (like I haven't). After two weeks more (the slowest support ever!) We can't help you" -everything I got after 4 month and all the money spent."

Arthur Walton says

"I Do Not Believe This Is Top Shelf Earl Gray Tea. - arthur walton"

BroskiBerry says

"While Ice-Tea is a good refreshment, it's competition is increasing and they are starting to lag behind them."

DisguisedToast says

"Ice-Tea is not Coca-Cola, you can't just sit on the same products while the competition is pulling ahead."

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